Corfu city is known as the “capital” of the island and it is by its own one of the most beautiful landmarks. In the old city, onecan walk through the typical traditional lanes known as Kantounia, and admire the old houses and the architectural monuments. Throughout the city, there a lot of small churches. However, the most important one is the church of Saint Spyridon, who is the patron saint of the island. Campiello is the oldest neighbourhood, whose small lanes and medieval architecture are its best feature.

In the city, Spianada square, the biggest square in the Balkans, is also located. Near Spianada square, there is also the most famous walkaway, Liston, where anyone can enjoy a cup of coffee. Old and New Fortress, as well as the Metropolis, are unique attractions. Therefore, all these monuments contribute to create a city which reminds a different age.


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