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Looking to add some excitement to your time in Corfu? Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is the perfect activity for you!

Experience the beauty of the Ionian Sea as you glide across the crystal-clear waters on one of our high-quality SUP boards, specially designed for stability and ideal for all skill levels. 

Whether you want to explore Corfu's beautiful coastline, challenge yourself with SUP exercise, or go on a SUP tour in Kalami or Dassia, we've got you covered. 

Book your SUP adventure with Corfu Watersports and discover the magic of Corfu from a whole new perspective! 

Stand-up paddle board in Corfu 

Looking to rent a SUP board during your holidays in Corfu? Our SUP rental service is perfect for visitors who want to explore the island’s beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. 

We offer all the equipment you need, including a board and paddle (plus water and snacks for our SUP tours!), so you can get out on the water and start exploring right away.

SUP exercise is a fantastic full-body workout and a great way to challenge yourself while enjoying the beautiful view!

SUP Tours in Corfu

Want to explore Corfu's hidden coves and secluded beaches? Our SUP tours are the perfect way to discover the island's stunning natural beauty, led by our experienced guides. 

Each Corfu SUP tour lasts 1h and 45mins and you can choose between lengths of 1.4 to 3km. We have something to accommodate all ages and levels!


How much does it cost to rent a SUP board in Corfu?

Our SUP board rental prices start at €15 for a 30-minute session of SUP in Dassia. Please check our website for current pricing, as we offer discounts, the option to rent a SUP board for several days, and even SUP tours!

Can kids try stand up paddle board?

Absolutely! We offer kids' SUP boards that are specially designed for younger riders, with smaller sizes and lighter weights that are easier to handle. 

Why choose Corfu Watersports for a SUP adventure in Corfu?

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SUP in Corfu

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